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COSMO - The Magic Crystal
Complete Futuristic Lighting Solutions
Mesmerizing Incandescence at Your Palms
COSMO is first ever product of Flaamant. The smart light having lots of cool features.
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Basic Mode
Everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience

White Balance Adjusted
Disco and Candle Lighting
Alarm Set Timer
High Lumen
Sleep Mode
Dimming & Hue Control
Cosmo lights up like a flower blooming at the first light of dawn

Soothing effect due to incremental human value
Makes you feel welcome
Weather Alert
Cosmo brings the color of the climate from anywhere in the world to your palm

Weather notifications
Do you want to know if London is sunny today?
Wave Sync
Cosmo can rock the party with its sound synchronizing capabilities; Any sound thrown at it is music to its ears

Preset graphic equaliser mode
Custom music recognition on the fly
Cosmo listens to your command

Voice activated on/off
Usable range omnidirectional
Customisable Cross-faders
Cosmo smoothly transitions overs the visible light spectrum

Customization of multiple light-splices
Fade length of up to 16
16 million colours
Power Saver
Cosmo uses advanced energy economics to last longer

Minimum power consumption
Shines at half lumen
Photo Ambient
Cosmo blends into your environment just like a chameleon

Theme based home decor
Auto-ambient recognition


Easy to use
Mobile App controlled
Software reset
Push notification
Floating light (water resistant IPGS)
Fine granular white balance
Everyday lighting for reading and various occasions
No external HUB required


8 Hours operation
Massive 5000mAH lithium battery
Almost 300 lumen intensity
Low power transmission
High bandwidth 2.4 GHz
Operating voltage DC 5-12v
Water resistant IP5s compatible