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Flaamant Conversation
Developer friendly
Easy to begin, easy to use. Get faster time to value, and integrate across channels, networks and environments
Enterprise grade
Conversation features a reliable infrastructure that scales with individual use cases. Platform support from IBM gives you the backing you need
Robust and secure
Own your data. Flaamant protects your privacy, allowing you to opt out of data sharing. Built on IBM Cloud and featuring reliable tooling with industry-leading security
Flaamant Discovery
Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine
Rapid results
Spend less time struggling with your data. Automated ingestion and integrated natural language processing in a fully managed cloud service removes the complexity from dealing with natural language content
Domain intelligence
Easily adapt Discovery’s understanding of your corpus with integrated machine learning to surface the most relevant answers. Teach Discovery to apply the knowledge of unique entities and relations in your industry or organization with Watson Knowledge Studio
AI ready for business
Uncover deep connections throughout your data by using advanced AI functions out of the box, such as natural language queries, passage retrieval, relevancy training, relationship graphs and anomaly detection.
Personality Insights
Predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text. Understand your customers’ habits and preferences on an individual level, and at scale
Get detailed personality portraits
Use linguistic analytics to infer individuals' personality characteristics, including Big Five, Needs, and Values, from digital communications such as email, blogs, tweets, and forum posts
Understand consumption preferences
Look at a user’s inclination to pursue different products, services, and activities, including shopping, music, movies, and more
Tailor the customer experience
Understand individual customers for segmentation, personalized product recommendations, and highly targeted messaging
Tone Analyzer
Understand emotions and communication style in text
Conduct social listening
Analyze emotions and tones in what people write online, like tweets or reviews. Predict whether they are happy, sad, confident, and more
Enhance customer service
Monitor customer service and support conversations so you can respond to your customers appropriately and at scale. See if customers are satisfied or frustrated, and if agents are polite and sympathetic
Integrate with chatbots
Enable your chatbot to detect customer tones so you can build dialog strategies to adjust the conversation accordingly
Speech to text
Easily convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of content
Powerful real-time speech recognition
Automatically transcribe audio from 7 languages in real-time. Rapidly identify and transcribe what is being discussed, even from lower quality audio, across a variety of audio formats and programming interfaces (HTTP REST, Websocket, Asynchronous HTTP)
Highly accurate speech engine
Customize your model to improve accuracy for language and content you care most about, such as product names, sensitive subjects or names of individuals. Recognizes different speakers in your audio Spot specified keywords in real-time with high accuracy and confidence
Built to support various use cases
Transcribe audio for various use cases ranging from real-time transcription for audio from a microphone, to analyzing 1000s of audio recording from your call center to provide meaningful analytics
Visual Recognition
Quickly and accurately tag, classify and search visual content using machine learning
Classify virtually any visual content
Visual Recognition understands the contents of images. Analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, colors, food, and other subjects that can give you insights into your visual content
Create your own classifiers
Create and train your custom image classifiers using your own image collections