Wave of the future: IOT


Flaamant started of as a start-up of few enthusiastic techies, creative individuals, entrepreneurs, with engineering and business expertise. The team comprises of near about ten years professional and corporate experiences from India and abroad.

We specialize in machine to machine communication technology like Internet of Things aka IOT, Internet of Everything aka IOE and Internet of Vehicle aka IOV. We use advanced coding, hardware and security protocols to match other technology giants all over the world in today's modern Tech-market. Our motive to put perfection in the hands of our customer and to make their life more comfortable and enjoyable by the use of Internet.

At Flaamant, we are using Industry 4.0 standards and our team committed to go for more improvement, so that we can make our products more user friendly, entuitive and efficient.

Our Values


" Making lifestyle more easier, secure and technology oriented by IOT. "

From starting as a start-up, going as a full scale product and service company, with keeping the customer service at top.


What we offer

No wires. No hassle.

Operate from anywhere in the world

24/7 real time status reporting

One touch sollution.

Interactive devices.

Energy consumption management.

Over the air firmwire upgrades.

Optimized battery usage.


Solve your toughest business challenges with IoT cognitive capabilities

There are business solutions that work with data, and there are business solutions that put data to work for you. Dirigeant IoT Platform is designed to simplify cognitive IoT development so you can harness the full potential of the Internet of Things..



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