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Ever saw a cool sci fi movie and wondered what it would be like to live in the future. Has watching “Iron man” on the screen made you yearn for a “Jarvis” of your own. Or felt lazy enough to wish for a science fiction like environment, where technology takes care of all the work. Well, we all have. Everyone has fantasized about having an A.I take care of all our needs. Your fantasies are going to be realized sooner than expected.

Introducing, “Flaamant” a pioneer in Internet of Things Solution technology, envisioned to bring the future into the present.

Flaamant has embarked upon its journey to embed smart living, convenience and securities in people’s life. We at Flaamant aim at using futuristic Internet of Things Solution to ease everyone’s life and make it more comfortable and enjoyable. We have envisioned making technology a household term.

We specialize in machine to machine communication technology. All our systems and products are developed and designed in North America and assembled in India. We use advanced software & hardware, with the motive to put perfection in the hands of our customer and to make their life hassle free.

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